Software engineer and photographer from the Netherlands.

Computer science



RFC: RFC8749, Moving DNSSEC Lookaside Validation (DLV) to Historic Status
Mar 2020, IETF

RFC: RFC7583, DNSSEC Key Rollover Timing Considerations
Oct 2015, IETF

HOWTO: OpenDNSSEC Key Rollover Guide
Oct 2015, OpenDNSSEC

HOWTO: OpenDNSSEC Initial Deployment Guide
Nov 2014, OpenDNSSEC

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Feb 2014, IETF

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Dec 2013, NLnet Labs

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Mar 2012, SATIN

Paper: Authenticated Denial of Existence in the DNS
Jan 2012, SIDN

Thesis: Formalization and Verification of the Shim6 Protocol
May 2007, Radboud University

Paper: Capability of Kerberos
Jun 2006, Radboud University

Paper: Electronic Cash
Jun 2005, Radboud University

Article: Snelle computers rekenen slim (Dutch)
Apr 2002, B For You


Securing the last mile in DNS with CGA-TSIG
Marc Buijsman, University of Amsterdam, RP2
Jan 2014

Identifying Patterns in DNS Traffic
Pieter Lexis, University of Amsterdam, RP2
Jul 2013

Defending against DNS reflection amplification attacks
Javy de Koning, Thijs Rozekrans, University of Amsterdam, RP2
Jan 2013


Blog: DNSSEC-ondertekening en sleutelbeheer volledig geautomatiseerd
Jan 2020, SIDN

Blog: What We Learned: DNSSEC KSK Rollovers in go6lab
Oct 2015, Internet Society

Blog: Case Study: The Experience of Signing Go6.SI with DNSSEC
Oct 2014, Internet Society

Rapport: Novay - Rapport TLD Verkenning (Dutch)
Mar 2013, Rijksoverheid

Blog: DNS amplificatie-aanvallen straks niet meer te stoppen zonder BCP 38 (Dutch)
Mar 2013, DNSSEC.NL

Blog: DANE maakt het PKI-systeem weer veilig en betaalbaar (Dutch)
Feb 2013, DNSSEC.NL

Blog: faalt met IPv6 en DNSSEC - update 5 (Dutch)
Jul 2011, Webwereld

Bachelor thesis: Testing Key States of Automated Trust Anchor Updating (RFC 5011) in Autotrust
Jun 2010, Carsten Rütz, Bachelor thesis, Radboud University

Paper: Wat is Model Checking? (Dutch)
Mar 2008, Frits Vaandrager, Radboud University, Mar 2008